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Lawn Mower


- Weekly/Biweekly Mowing

- Spring Cleanups

- Weed Control/Fertilization

- Shrub Trimming

- Mulch Installation

- Flower Planting

- Leaf Cleanups



Paul’s Lawn Care, LLC is a locally owned and owner operated Lawn Care Company in Keller, Texas serving customers in parts of Keller and North Richland Hills.  Raised in Keller and North Richland Hills, owner Paul Valamides has been maintaining lawns in the area for 16 years. He's committed to providing outstanding service and professional knowledge in lawn care and maintenance while treating clients with the utmost honesty, respect, and reliability.

With Paul's hands-on approach, you can be assured that you will receive clear, friendly, and timely communication and that your yard will receive the highest quality service and care that you could ask for - no careless work leaving your property damaged, leaving gates open, etc.


Give Paul’s Lawn Care a call today for your free, no obligation quote on your lawn care needs. We would love to be able to serve you and add you to the Paul’s Lawn Care family!



Regular Weekly/Biweekly Service Includes...

  1. Mowing using a lightweight mower that is appropriate for residential lawns and will not tear up your yard.

  2. Line trimming all the areas on the property including fences, around posts, trees, and curbs

  3. Edging the sidewalks, driveways, and curbs with a metal blade edger

  4. Cleaning up all grass clippings on the property.

Lawn Mower Setup

Our 8-Step Weed Control/Fertilization program will help eliminate and prevent weeds while keeping your grass roots strong so that you have a thick, healthy lawn. We use commercial-grade pre emergent and post emergent herbicides tailored to kill and prevent the growth of weeds that are common in North Texas soils. We fertilize every 8-10 weeks throughout the growing season. When paired with regular watering and mowing, our 8-Step Program will give your lawn that thick, healthy look and feel that you desire. Click here to find out more!

Water Sprinkler


What's the point of having a beautiful lawn without having well-manicured shrubs to go with it? Prevent unsightly, overgrown shrubs by keeping them trimmed. Established hedges require trimming to keep them dense and compact while new hedges require formative pruning for their first couple of years after planting. 
Whatever your hedge trimming needs, Paul’s Lawn Care can provide them!

Bush Leaves


Mulch is extremely beneficial for a garden. It traps moisture in the soil so you don’t have to water as often, and it acts as an insulator so your plants’ roots don’t get too hot. On the flip side, it keeps plants from getting too cold in the winter. And it suppresses weeds, so you don’t have to weed as often! Paul’s Lawn Care is happy to provide mulching services per request.



The changing of seasons is usually an exciting time and a great time to be outside! It also brings mother nature's mess. Leaves, branches, debris, you name it - Paul's Lawn Care will clear it up for you!

Autumn Foliage

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